Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hello People of the Interwebs!

Today, I'm going to review a different kind of piece than I usually do. It's a 10 minute animation by Alexander Petrov, entitled "The Mermaid". 

The story is beautiful. A young man falls in love with a mermaid that he keeps seeing. His mentor, an old man, recognizes her as his bride from when he was younger. While the story is simple, it's done in a very elegant way. The ending is peaceful and thought provoking, and it should be watched.

The details of the animation are spectacular. While the pictures don't flow together like modern day movies and animations do, it has a very melancholy and natural feeling to it, like each frame was carefully crafted with the tender and caring hands of a passionate artist. It's truly an awe inspiring creation. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched.

You can watch it here. It is very short, and every second of it is amazing!

This is the Teenage Critic, signing off!

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