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The First Avenger

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Today's review is of the Marvel movie, Captain America: The First Avenger!

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

This film centers around a down-to-earth everyman from Brooklyn named Steve Rodgers. He wants to join the army because his parents served, but died serving. However, he isn't allowed to join because he's unfit. Like, really unfit. They had to CG the actor's body to look shrimpy. It's really weird looking. He gets accepted into the army because of a nice doctor, and after some training, he's selected by the doctor to be a part of a secret experiment to make him a super soldier! (Which, by the way, works.)

The rest of the film is, surprisingly well done! We see his transformation from a mascot for America in the war, (and not actually fighting), to being a leader of an elite group trying to take out Hydra, Hitler's secret scientific branch. This transformation is actually done quite well, as we see him go from nervous in front of an audience to perfectly comfortable. There are comics made about him, movies, TV shorts, lunch boxes, and other collectibles. 

On that note, the movie seems to be trying to tie the movie reality and actual reality together. If I'm not mistaken, Captain America was originally created as a mascot for America, and was used as propaganda against the Nazis and the Axis forces. This just helps pull people into the reality that the film has proposed, with the idea that the Captain America comics were based on a real thing.

When Captain America goes to talk to actual American soldiers in France, they mock and dis him. He then considers going in to save the recently captured troops. He's supported by the attractive British officer, Peggy Carter, working with the Americans, (did I mention that before? No? Oh, well, she's, gasp, the love interest.), as well as Howard Stark, (Tony Stark's Father). Captain America goes to save the soldiers, gains some weapons and friends, and creates an elite, Nazi, sorry, Hydra, fighting team.

The acting is probably some of the best from any Marvel movie I've seen so far. There's not a single character that I didn't love/hate in the appropriate way. Chris Evans as Steve Rodgers, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, (which is a performance on par with, well, most other things he's done), and so many more.

The story is, just like the acting, one of the best I've seen from a Marvel film. And here's why. Captain America doesn't have Hulking abilities, or a super gadget-y suit, or god-like powers. He's a normal guy from Brooklyn. His story and character arc are very compelling, and you root for him every step of the way.

Actually, I have to stop and admit something. I used to HATE Captain America with a burning passion. I saw him as propaganda for a nation, (which is something I'm very against, no matter which nation), and I thought his powers were kinda weak. "Wow, he can lift heavy-ish things and throw a shield," I used to say. But now, I have a lot of respect for this hero. His transformation, not physically, but emotionally and mentally, is a very touching one. 

As for the action, well, I can't really say much more without repeating myself. It's well paced, well timed, and the special effects are incredible.

So, strap on your shiny, perfectly circular shield and fire up Netflix (if the movie's still on there), and watch this amazing film about the First Avenger!

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