Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Titanium Alloy Man!

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Today's review is of the 2008 movie: Iron Man!

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This movie follows Tony Stark's transformation from complete douche to less of a douche. Watch him get captured by terrorists, build a suit, break out, "convert" to peace, and many other things. He gets betrayed by his father figure, builds a better suit, and, ultimately, becomes Iron Man.

Let's begin with the story. For a first movie in a Marvel franchise, it's decent. The character arc makes perfect sense, purely because of what he has been forced to go through. The plot... it's good. The story is consistent, the characters believable and likable, and the villains interesting.

The acting is quite excellent. Robert Downey Jr. is, in my opinion, an amazing actor. (Granted I've never seen him in anything else.) His portrayal of Tony Stark is perfect, and he grasps the character so well; he makes it seem like he's actually Tony Stark. About the other cast: You really can never go wrong with Gwyneth Paltrow. Jeff Bridges is a fantastic Obadiah Stane. And the supporting cast is excellent as well.

The action was great. You really can't go wrong with Iron Man's action. It's well paced, fun, and exciting. And the Mark II is a glorious device that I just love to feast my eyes upon.

Iron Man is good. Not great. (Definitely not the best Marvel story.) I'd still recommend it, but mainly just for the back story for Iron Man 2.

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