Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is Juno an Airbender?

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This week, I'll be reviewing Juno!

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

The story of Juno follows a 16 year old girl named Juno MacGuff as she deals with being pregnant. She decides to adopt out her baby, and finds a perfect couple. The couple is Vanessa and Mark Loring. Vanessa wishes to be a mother, but Mark has other ideas. He would rather spend his time playing in a band and following his passions, which allows Juno to bond with him. Juno also deals with her feelings for the baby's father, Paulie Bleeker.

The story is beautifully simple. It allows for greater expansion of the characters, so we can feel their joy and sadness and anger as they feel it. There's so much emotion packed into this movie, which you wouldn't expect at first, due to some of the rather unusual language in it. But don't be fooled by my words; it's also an incredibly lighthearted tale.

The acting is amazing in this film. Ellen Page plays Juno MacGuff. Her innocent portrayal melds beautifully with the story and the character. Paulie Bleeker is played by Michael Cera, and he does his usual awkward teen performance, which is always hilarious and well done! Jennifer Garner plays Vanessa Loring, and she does an amazing job with the pure and raw emotions of her character. Vanessa's husband, Mark, is played by Jason Bateman. Now, here's the thing about Jason Bateman. I may have not seen him in much, but in everything that I've seen, I've never liked his character. He just doesn't generally play likable characters, which is a shame, since he's a good actor. Another actor of notice is J.K. Simmons, playing Mac MacGuff, Juno's father. I really just enjoy Simmons in general, since he is a phenomenal actor, for both on screen roles and voice roles as well. One of my favorite of his voices is Tenzin, Aang's son in The Legend of Korra.

Juno is a beautiful movie about a girl struggling through her nine months of pregnancy. It's just generally about living life, even when you are going through a difficult time. I really love the quaint feeling of it, and the raw emotions that are so important in movies. A beautiful movie with beautiful performances.

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