Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Johnny English: Jesus Mode

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Funny story. I was home sick today. Wait, it's not funny yet. Stop Laughing! Anyway, it was about 4:00 in the afternoon. I had wrapped up my work for the day, when I realized that I had no review. So, I walked to the TV, and turned on Netflix. Then, I saw Johnny English: Reborn. Wanting to watch something new, I hit play. It then occurred to me that I had seen it before. Then I thought: "Eh, screw it. I'll just finish it." So, that's the story behind this review. Now, let's get to it!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

The story follows Johnny English, an Ex-MI7 agent and Ex-Knight. He gets re-hired by MI7 to discover the secrets behind an assassination attempt on the Chinese Premier. In the process, he discovers a secret group called 'Vortex', made up of three people, with a secret weapon that allows them to kill people. Through his investigation, where he makes some bumblingly stupid errors, Johnny finds out that Vortex is made up of people one from each from: CIA, KGB... and MI7 (not-at-all-shocked gasp, but I guess that that's the point).

This film does an amazing job making fun of the classic tropes of espionage based movies. Where an older man might actually do parkour to chase down a bad guy in a James Bond film, the old Johnny English uses elevators and doors (using his wisdom over his body). There are also obvious reveals, like who is involved in Vortex. It's very cleverly done.

The acting is quite good. Rowan Atkinson plays Johnny English. Atkinson is brilliant, as he always is. His right hand man, Tucker, was played by Daniel Kaluuya. He's a fantastic comic foil for Atkinson. Dominic West plays Agent Simon Ambrose, who is the MI7 member of Vortex. The rest  of the actors are just as good, and support the story very well.

All in all, it's funny, exciting, and a great film! The cliché tropes are well done, and hilarious. This film is simply great!

This is the Teenage Critic, signing off!

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