Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thor: The World of Anti-Light

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Today's review is of Thor: The Dark World!

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WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

This film is... okay. There's nothing offensive about it, but nothing really special about it. It once again follows the story of Thor and Jane, as they try to stop the evil Dark Elf, Malakith, from obtaining the evil substance: the Aether, which can be used to bring the universe back to darkness. The Aether is inside Jane, and they need to make sure that Malakith doesn't get it, so Thor breaks Loki out of prison to destroy Malakith, which ends up backfiring. And that's all you really need to know. Except that Loki dies. Except he doesn't, and he takes Odin's throne. That's all.

The acting is good. Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster are fantastic. Tom Hiddleston as Loki is amazing as always. All of the other Asgardians are good. Dennings and Skargard reprise their roles of Darcy and Dr. Selvig. Now, this next opinion is extremely biased. Christopher Eccleston as Malakith. I loved him as the Doctor in Doctor Who. He was, in fact, my first Doctor. And the Doctor is such a different character from Malakith. So I must say, he is "Absolutely Fantastic"! (Tee hee)

The action was more interesting in this movie than in the first. In the last battle between Thor and Malakith, there are portals opening up all over London. The visuals of them transporting between Earth, and the Dark World, and other of the nine realms. 

There are a few funny moments, and some okay story lines. All in all, it's worth seeing at least once.

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