Tuesday, March 3, 2015

RoboCop: An Experiment in Societal Violence

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I'm committed. With that reminder (for myself mostly) in mind, I'm gonna launch into RoboCop fortnight. Starting with the original 'RoboCop'.

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The story follows a cop, named Alex Murphy, who dies at the hands of a criminal "king-pin" or something. He then gets taken by OCP, a corporation who is in control of the police, and they turn Murphy into a robotic cop, or RoboCop. He then goes around, shooting things and trying to take down the man who killed him.

Now, I'm not sure whether the film was trying to get across a message. If it was, I would assume it was one about public corruption or militarization of the police. But, unfortunately, any form of message to be conveyed has been completely covered up, mainly by blood and fire.

There's not much I can say about the acting either. I suppose it's fine, as compared to action movies. But as compared to other films? The acting kinda stinks. Really the only actor that stood out to me was Kurtwood Smith, who played Clarence J. Boddiker, the man who kills Murphy. He does a pretty decent job of psychopathic killer. Other than that, nothing really stands out to me.

I know I'm gonna get some hate for saying this, but this is an awful film. There's very little depth to each character, the plot seems forced, and any actual meaning has been covered up with explosions and violence. It was fun for the first few minutes, but then it all just got tired. I just don't find this film appealing in any way.

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