Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RoboCop: A Replicated Study in Societal Violence

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Today, I'll be watching the 2014 remake of the 1987 classic: 'RoboCop'!

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The story of this remake follows Alex Murphy, an apparently long time officer at the Detroit Police Department (already a change from the original, where he's brand new). One change that I'm really not a fan of is making Lewis, Murphy's partner, a man. In the original, she was a reasonably strong character in her own right, and the remake just doesn't really have a character like that in it. However, we do have Murphy's wife, Clara. She's actually a good character, with a strong will. She doesn't make up for the lack of a real Lewis, but she's good nonetheless.

One vital case to Murphy, one that he actually doesn't have the authorization to work on, is tracking down and arresting Antoine Vallon, a drug and crime lord of some sort. Murphy thinks that the two cops on the case are "either dumb or dirty", so he attempts to track down Vallon himself. Mere minutes later, we find out that the two cops ARE dirty, as they bring up this problem to Vallon. He orders one of his men to plant a bomb under Murphy's car. That night, Murphy tucks his son in, and we feel sorry for what's about to happen. Murphy's car alarm goes off, and he gets blown up. Essentially. The rest of the then film follows his reconstruction as RoboCop, his testing, and his re-introduction into regular life.

I think that this remake has a much stronger plot, and much better character development, as well as acting. Speaking of...

Alex Murphy/RoboCop is played by Joel Kinnaman. His performance is truly stupendous. His emotional performance has the perfect range. It gives even more impact to his drain of dopamine, which sends him spiraling into an emotionless state. He's supported by Michael Keaton as the CEO of Omnicorp. Keaton gives a great villainous performance. Samuel L. Jackson plays a news reporter who is essentially all of FOX News rolled into one, with the exterior of Samuel L. Jackson. Sort of if Jackson and Bill O'Reily had an illegitimate love child. Anyway, his performance is very good. And now... my favorite. Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors of all time. He plays Doctor Dennett Norton, who created and implemented the technology to turn Alex Murphy into RoboCop. He shows such an amazing range of emotion, and I just love him in everything that he's in.

All in all, this is an amazing film, as its own thing and as compared to the original version. The acting's great, the plot's great, the characters are great, and the action and cinematography are great. I really love this film, and I highly recommend watching it!

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